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Optimizing Storage and Guaranteeing Access To Media Content

"The solution offered by Server Storage Solutions brings simplicity, flexibility and is easy to manage, all rolled into one"
Alexander Geeraerts, System Administrator, Medialaan

Medialaan is a company that increasingly offers content (shows, news, soaps,...) from its radio & TV stations online. This, via its web portals or through syndicated partners. Fast-growing data volumes require a fail-safe storage solution. In addition, the website that hosts the content needs to be up and running at all times; Medialaan opted for S3S’s solution.

"The solution S3S proposed was both technically elegant and easy to manage." Said Alexander Geeraerts, System Administrator at Medialaan. "On top, it was priced very competitively compared to the big-name players we contacted."

Uptime, all the time

Medialaan makes thousands of hours of TV programs for its TV channels VTM, 2BE, JIM, vtmKzoom and Vitaya available on-demand via its website iWatch. Their TV news items are streamed on their news website and those of partner media. All Medialaan’s brands have their own websites with huge visitor traffic peaks.

"So high availability was a key requirement", Geeraerts continued. "S3S provided us with a HA NAS solution with NFS connectivity that offers total redundancy. If a node of the system fails, it will automatically migrate the data volume to a healthy node. Without any downtime for connected clients.

High flexibility at a competitive price

Medialaan was already using hardware solutions from a well-known brand in other parts of its IT infrastructure. “So we asked a quote from them as well”, said Geeraerts.

Medialaan photo
source: Flexus

"We also turned to other players on the market... However, none of them were able to propose a solution that was synchronous, highly modular and easy to manage like the one S3S put forward. And, they also offered us a fully redundant system priced well below that of its competitors."

Flexibility is a strong point of Server Storage Solutions, expanding storage is a piece of cake.

Room for other IT projects

"Because we already have a lot of hardware from another brand and expertise of working with this equipment, it was a challenge to convince my superiors of the S3S solution", Geeraerts admitted. "The excellent pricing, tipped the scale. This made it possible to spend budget on other IT projects that were not storage-related."

Medialaan implemented the solution that Server Storage Solutions proposed. The media company took S3S on board for other IT projects as well and is still a good customer.