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Going Beyond Hardware to Solid Advice and "Best Buy" Tailoring

Zeticon partners with S3S to deliver state-of-the-art and cost-effective, all-in-one Media Asset Management solutions - called MediaHaven - to customers in the broadcasting industry, corporate environments and public sector. S3S conceptualizes, develops and delivers the hardware of the built-to-order servers and storage facilities on which Zeticons's powerful management solutions run.

Mediahaven logo

In order to meet the requirements of impressive clients such as SBS Belgium (Vier, Vijf), Mediargus or the municipalities of the cities of Bruges, Ghent, Kortrijk and Mechelen - Zeticon needed a hardware partner for those organizations that did not have the required hardware or which requested a SaaS solution. As the challeging combination of high-quality tailoring at the keenes price proved to be impossible to find among the big-name competition, they turned to S3S, also a trusted partner of iMinds (formerly known as IBBT) in whose iCubes incubation center Zeticon resides.

Best fit, best buy

Zeticon's customers that order all-in-one solutions to manage their image, audio and video files have very specific and elaborate demands when it comes to server and storage hardware. "Established hardware vendors often lack product flexibility - it is very much a 'take it or leave it' situation - while S3S delivers made-to-measure appliances which are perfectly in tune with both the wishes and budgets of the end-clients", says Bruno Van Den Bossche, CTO at Zeticon.

"With S3S, you get the box and the consultancy at the hardware price"
Brecht Vermeulen, Project Manager at Zeticon, a Spin-off company from IBBT

At the end of the day, affordable prices are what everyone is looking for. "When we compared S3S's rates to some of the big industry names, they were always the best option as their hardware can be built to cater to the smallest details of our clients requirements", explains Bruno. "So they never spend more on CPU or storage, for instance, than they actually need, which is a big plus."

Flexible services

S3S's far-reaching adaptability is reflected as much in its service-delivery as it is in its products. "The availability and response time of its team, is a real pleasure to behold", adds Bruno. "This is especially vital in a sector like ours, where speed is on the top of everyone's priority list. Deadlines of less than 3 months are no exception and we even collaborated on a project that just took one week, from start to finish."

Much more than hardware

The in-depth know-how, experience and problem-solving determination of S3S's engineers / technicians also counts as a real added value for Bruno and is perfectly complementary with the software wizardry of the Zeticon team: "They really listen to what we and our clients want and they always find a solution, no matter how complex the challenge. You might say that you get the box and the consultancy at the hardware price." The ultimate proof of Zeticon's trust in the quality of the services and appliances of S3S is that they are working themselves internally, with their server and storage solutions.

Mediahaven studio
source: United4All

Own branding

At the suggestion of S3S, the hardware servers that are installed in the facilities of their customers, are now branded with the Zeticon logo, which shows how much the company is aware of the needs of its clients on every level: from expert advice, to technology and even marketing.