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Cloud Computing, big data and parallel calculation redefine the network infrastructure from three layers to two layers. The QuantaMesh Ethernet lineup is designed for two-layer architecture in modern data centers. It features low latency, low power consumption, high density, high port count and offers various speed options from 1G, 10G to 40G and a wide range of software support.

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Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switches

Data center cloud management, SMB/Enterprise L2 management switches, 1G/10G Enterprise-Class Ethernet Switches, OpenFlow Support, Network Automation, Fan-less & Noise free, Green Ethernet Switches,...

Network Mezzanine

Network Mezzanine

QCT Mezzanine network cards are industry-leading hardware with high Bandwidth, Ultra Low-Latency optimized for your server solution. Providing energy effeciency and the most cost effective 10GbE copper solution.

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